Teries engage in Bible-bashing after not being put in picture

Folk in Hawick have responded with derision to a US publishing company’s attempt to put God on their side.

Friday, 18th October 2019, 11:01 am
A US-printed copy of the Bible's New Testament billed as being a Hawick edition.

Over recent weeks, copies of The New Testament have been dropping through letterboxes in the town unsolicited.

The edition has been published by IMI Publishers International in Harrison, Tennessee, and is printed by Bearing Precious Seed in Milford, Ohio.

More curiously, the book is billed as a Hawick edition.

However, all the images on the front cover of the book show locations from elsewhere in Scotland and none are from Hawick.

The deliveries have resulted in a negative response from Teries online, many of whom have posted messages expressing annoyance at being preached at from across the Atlantic.

In a Facebook post, Kirstie Duncan says: “These seem to be sent out with the postie.

“I will pick up my own beliefs, thanks. What a waste of money, printed in America and then shipped across by the looks of it. How many will end up in recycling?”

Marion Elsdon posted: “Got ours in the post yesterday. What intrigued me was that it’s the Hawick edition.

“How do we know that it was written in English, not the local Hawick lingo?”

Others saw the humour in the delivery, with Kevin Scott posting: “The Bearing Precious Seed group– available at the Homebase garden section.”

Anne Bain added: “Nice read for the beach.”