Working to preserve jobs in the Borders

I admire your empathetic stance on job threats in the borders – offshore fast bucks are a real threat to employment prospects right across Scotland.

Do you know if there is a strategy group to try and turn this around and mobilise our local businesses to form co-operatives before they send production units to the Pacific Rim?

The call for bailout funding to buffer the blows will not revive the economy, but takeover by employees and consortia of trades bidding for national tenders will. Do you have key contacts who might want to get this started (stunned when I learnt that the “mills” in hawick just wrap it up and sell for a small fortune)?

It does not need a business angel to see the international recognition for the Borders product (£200 for a jumper) and I know some folks who are frustrated by this and a bank that invests in viable UK propositions. I know, too, that there is a bank facing closure in the borders and that this needs some joined-up thinking.

I’m glad theSouthern is airing the problems when they arise and hope the threats can be confronted with some good old borders spirit. art funding and museums will keep the unemployed diverted for a couple of days, but a lot of time to fill beyond this.

Professor George Lees