Working for the good of Scotland

As an SNP activist I was not too surprised at last week’s letter from Mr Morrison.

I expected a fair bit of comment after the staggering election result. I have worked the streets for candidates and the party for many years and have met many like him – “We can’t survive on our own”, “We can’t afford to be independent”, “We’re too small to do it on our own” were just a few of the excuses we heard from this section of the populace.

Well, we did it. With a majority of just one Alex Salmond and the party led Scotland through some fairly difficult years.

The nation saw that the world did not come to an end, there was no blood on the streets, no mass emigrations.

They saw a disciplined group of people working, not on party instructions from down south or for ideological dogma, but for the good of Scotland. In fact, the only real problems were some other parties trying to scupper good resolutions. When the SNP did manage to get something good through parliament they immediately tried to take the credit.

I believe the SNP is the natural party to govern Scotland, it is composed of people of all shades of political opinion coalesced into a group that has the good of Scotland as its driving force. No other party up here can equal the passion of the members and its candidates.

Anything that is good for Scotland is the reason for its existence and I believe in spite of the Morrisons of this nation we will only get stronger and stronger.

I think you should book your ticket south, Mr Morrison.

Jim Gibson

Bleachfield Road


As someone who has voted SNP in every election since 1979, may I welcome Kenny Speirs to the fold and add to his excellent letter published last week.

As well as the reasons he gives for his conversion, there is another important fact. SNP candidates are passionate about improving the lives of all Scotland’s people, and their commitment is to that cause alone.

Candidates for unionist parties do not share that same passion – their ambition is to get to Westminster. The consequence is that all the brightest elected unionists are in London.

Voters finally realised that the Labour party in Scotland had become complacent and moribund, as well as right wing; the Liberals are duplicitous; and the Conservatives were written off ages ago.

In spite of the warm words emanating from London, Westminster politicians will pull every trick out of the bin to discredit our SNP Government and thwart its every policy. It’s up to us who believe in home rule to support Holyrood whenever possible.

Richard Walthew

Whitsome Crofts


A. Graeme Morrison and other unionists should take comfort (letters, May 19).

Political independence need not sever links with the throne. After all, the Queen is a descendant of Mary, Queen of Scots. We have equal rights with the English to claim the Queen as our nominal head of state. (ER I in Scotland, of course).

An independent nation might even seek to have an enhanced permanent royal presence in our own capital. Perhaps William and Kate could take up residence at Holyrood palace? The clatter of royal carriages in the Canongate would do wonders for Scottish tourism.

Be that as it may, the final decision must belong to the Scottish people.

Douglas Hunter