Woman sentenced over drunken disturbance at wake in Galashiels

The Royal British Legion Club in Galashiels.
The Royal British Legion Club in Galashiels.

A woman ended up arguing with her father and assaulting two police officers after getting drunk at her grandmother’s funeral, a court heard.

The police had to be called after Deborah Hamilton started a booze-fuelled disturbance at the wake, held at the Royal British Legion Club in Park Street, Galashiels.

Procurator fiscal Graham Fraser said: “At around 9.30pm, police got a call from a member of staff saying there was a female causing trouble.

“Police officers were about to turn up at the premises in uniform when another call was received saying she was still causing trouble.

“When police got there, she was lying on her side and had vomited and was completely intoxicated.

“She was attending her grandmother’s funeral and had been drinking all afternoon.

“She was shouting at her father, and police officers tried to pick her up off the floor.”

Mr Fraser said she swore at the officers, telling them to leave her alone, and continued to be abusive towards her father.

Hamilton, 27, struck a female constable to the head in the club and she was finally arrested at 10.15pm.

She was put in the back of a police car, and after being cautioned and charged she replied: “I want my lawyer.”

Hamilton continued to be abusive at Hawick police station, telling one officer she would find out where she lived and adding: “I’m going to have you.”

She also kicked another female police officer to the body and had to be wrestled to the ground.

Defence lawyer Mat Patrick said that, according to a psychiatric assessment, his client suffers from an emotionally unstable personality disorder.

He added that, combined with alcohol misuse, her condition had a large part to play in the events that day.

Mr Patrick said: “She is dealing with the issue and has been in contact with the Renfrewshire drug and alcohol service.

The single mother also has another outstanding matter at Paisley.

Hamilton, of Mitchell Avenue, Renfrew, was ordered to carry out 100 hours’ unpaid work.