Wind farm subsidies petition plea

Most people know that wind farms would not exist without subsidies – and most people know that they are a threat to Scotland’s most beautiful countryside.

But what most people don’t know is that these subsidies (which go mostly to foreign companies and rich landowners) aren’t paid by the government, but instead are financed entirely from electricity bills. This covert tariff throttles economic growth, makes our exports less competitive and is horrendous for the seven million people in fuel poverty.

If you want this scam to end, please vote for an e-petition that asks for a reform of wind farm subsidies that will reduce electricity bills. Please go either to the government e-petition website ( and then type “reduce electricity bills”, or you only have to Google “electricity petition”.

When the petition has reached its target, it will be eligible for a five-hour debate in the House of Commons. Let’s hope this pressurises the government into reducing our inflated electricity bills.

John Hatt