Wind farm a blow to our heritage

I am writing to express my opposition to the proposed wind farm at Braidlie and Sundhope.

I am a Borderer, although I now live outwith the area, and read with dismay the article in TheSouthern regarding the proposal. Not only that, but it seems that bully-boy tactics are being used on the residents as they are also at Roberton where another wind farm is being built.

The historical and cultural significance of the castle and surrounding area cannot be denied or underestimated, as any Borderer will know, and this has been proven conclusively by the report written by Richard Oram of Stirling University.

I refer you to his conclusions that Hermitage is:

z a structure linked inextricably into the historic and cultural development of Scotland and of the Borders;

z central to many of the key political events in Scotland’s history for over three centuries through the long wars with England;

z uniquely associated – with it’s adjoining hill country – to the tragic narrative of Mary, Queen of Scots;

z one of the few locations in Scotland where the medieval building can be viewed in the context of its wider contemporary setting amid a hunting landscape remodelled for future agricultural use in the later Middle Ages;

z the uniting vertical strand through a landscape stratigraphy of overlying layers of successive land use;

z set at the core of one of the iconic romantic literary landscapes of world-class significance created by Sir Walter Scott and John Leyden, where the castle and its environment have both a literary and a physical reality;

z one of the first tourist sites and landscapes to be popularised in Scotland;

z a top-ranking internet phenomenon known to audiences globally through its cultural significance as a site of supernatural interest.

Mary Doherty

Academy Street


West Lothian

We all have to do our bit to help the planet from global warming and if a few folk have to look at some windmills, it’s not that big a hardship.

The bit that sticks in my craw is that rich landowners are getting massive subsidies paid to them by all of us ordinary folk having to pay hundreds of pounds extra on top of our big electricity bills. Landowners have always taken from ordinary folk.

The SNP has talked about being self-sufficient in power when Scotland is an independent nation. I am sure Alex Salmond will be true to the people of Scotland and nationalise all wind farms, making sure we get cheap or even free electricity for all. No longer will we have to pay to subsidise rich landowners and English power companies.

So all those folk objecting to these wind farms better think again about what they are objecting to – free electricity for Scotland.

J. MacDonald

Manor Place