Why are there no wind farms on Arthur’s Seat?

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The letter by S. Wallace which you published last week is prescient considering that yet another wind farm is planned for the Borders – this time at Rumbletonrig.

It is pointless trying to enlist the support of SNP councillors or MSPs against wind farms as they dare not incur the wrath of Wee Eck by going against party policy, as evidenced by Christine Grahame’s pro-forma response.

Perhaps one of our normally eloquent SNP councillors could explain how they fulfil their responsibility of representing the views of the electorate when these views are in direct conflict with SNP policy.

Wind farms are most efficient when sited near centres of population due to lower transmission losses. We are told that wind farms do not significantly affect tourism – why then are the Pentland Hills not a wall-to-wall wind farm? In fact there is room for a few on Arthur’s Seat.

Perhaps Christine Grahame has a pro-forma reply to explain this particular form of Nimbyism. The rise of fascism indeed.

Ollie Young

East Gordon