Why are parliament and councils being manipulated?

Alastair Lings accuses me of prejudice when I said in my letter (Southern, December 27) that marriage can not be redefined.

He states (letters, January 10) that “the Vatican Roman Catholic Church married men in the Middle Ages” – but not, apparently, to other men, since this practise would have come down through the ages and the controversy over same-sex marriage would not be arising today.

Mr Lings states that my idea of obtaining a church building and introducing different vows is ridiculous, but fails to point out why when Quakers etc. have churches of their own. Is he claiming these churches are ridiculous? If it is not ridiculous for gays to have their own clubs, then why not churches?

He states that Sodom and Gomorrah are irrelevant, but does not say why.

Considering the determination the Scottish Parliament appears to have in pushing through same-sex marriage legislation, one wonders just how and why our parliament and councils are being so easily manipulated, and by whom.

Mrs A. G. Allan

Glenburn Avenue

Newtown St Boswells