Who you gonna call? – Bed Buster

The Border General Hospital near Melrose in The Scottish Borders.
The Border General Hospital near Melrose in The Scottish Borders.

I have to say three cheers for the BGH staff who took time to inform this MSP about behind-the-scenes work which keeps the hospital ticking over; or, more particularly, ensures that when a bed is needed, a bed is there.

I began with the chief executive and ended the day with Bed Buster Cameron, and before I go any further, let me say that the praise for Cameron is well earned. Check out my Facebook and see what others think of him.

As for those beds, it is no easy task when, out of the blue, there is an upsurge in trauma patients as there has been recently and space is urgently required, and found.

So although Cameron has been given special mention, I want to commend and thank all who I met on my day there for their work, commitment and teamwork, and for their time.

Being old and ill

However, and it is not a “but”, I am pleased to report that the BGH is taking steps to improve the manner of its treatment of older people, because it’s about more than the medication, it’s about respect and that old-fashioned treatment called “TLC”.

So now, above the headboards on beds, patients can, if they wish, say a little about themselves. It could be the way they like their tea or whether they want to be called by their Christian name or not.

That’s how I got chatting to Poppy – so named as she was born on Poppy Day. This led us into chatting about her grandchildren and so on, all because of that board.

Another politician?

Walking home with my four-year-old granddaughter, we fell out because I thought she’d been long enough on the swings.

She detached her hand from mine and declared I was no longer a friend. I am not her gullible father who falls for her charms without resistance, so declared that was fine by me.

There was the merest pause, then she threw her arms round me and pronounced I was no longer a friend because I was more than as she loved me to bits (or words to that effect).

I give her 10 out of 10 for quick thinking – but worry that she has already learned the art of spin.

And finally

Tesco surgeries restart this month (details on my webpage and Facebook) and we are moving office from 69 Bank Street, Gala, to 46 High Street, Gala, effective from August 31.