Who’s got the SJ Factor?

The String Jam Club is inviting Borders songwriters to show off their talents in an X Factor-style competition.

The Galashiels-based club have teamed up with Melrose’s Merlin Music to invite musicians to perform in front of an audience and a professional judging panel in the Salmon Inn on Saturday, June 25, with both choosing their favourite song.

There will be many prizes up for grabs, including a full-length spot in the club, a £50 cash prize by audience vote and an additional mystery prize for the panel award winner.

Allie Fox of the String Jam Club said the competition has already attracted interest from Edinburgh with the club now looking to attract local talent.

She added: “It’s going to be an amazing night. Songs must be original and all styles of music are welcome. You will perform in front of our very friendly and discerning audience and it will be up to them which is their favourite song.

“Forget X Factor, we have the SJ Factor and it will be a whole lot better than what you see on the telly. This will be real music played by real musicians.”

To register your interest as an entrant (not open to professional musicians) phone Allie on 01750 720538 as soon as possible.

Admission for the audience will be £6, with advance tickets from the Salmon (01896 752577) and also Merlin Music (01896 822376).

Entry for musicians is £3. Further information at stringjamclub@vixenrecords.com or www.merlinmusicmelrose.co.uk