Wheelchair bid passes target

Phoebe Boag, 37, Peebles.
Phoebe Boag, 37, Peebles.

A Peebles woman has smashed her crowdfunding target of more than £2,700 to help buy an electric wheelchair.

Phoebe Boag, 37, told the Southern that she is now mainly housebound as a result of myalgic encephalomyelitis, known as ME for short, a condition she was diagnosed with in 2014.

The former charity worker set up a JustGiving page just two weeks ago and having already reached her initial target, she now hopes to reach a second target of £3,075 to cover the website’s fees.

She says her symptoms include dizziness, light-headedness and muscle fatigue,leaving her unable to stand up for over a minute.

When she was diagnosed, Phoebe was living in Leith, Edinburgh, and was working for a homeless charity in a job that she loved.

“I had also just been offered the opportunity of a lifetime. I was going to be living and working at the Penguin Post Office in Antarctica for four months,” she said.

“Unfortunately, just a few months before I was due to leave, I became unwell with a set of mysterious symptoms and I had to pull out of Antarctica. I was eventually signed off work in December 2014. I was diagnosed with ME early in 2015 and moved back to my home town, Peebles, so I would be closer to my mum, who does a lot to care for me.

“I am mainly housebound, but I am hoping that having a wheelchair will allow me to get out and about a bit more often.”