What’s the point of Liberal Democrats?

There are endless questions to be asked after last Thursday’s Scottish Parliament elections.

A main one for me is what point is there now to the Liberal Democrats? They do not seem to have policies and beliefs which could not be accommodated or absorbed by other parties and I doubt there is a Gang of Four or other such characters waiting in the wings to aid their recovery.

Unfortunately, their nil-points policies problem also filtered through to the Labour Party where it, too, generally agreed with Alex Salmond on most issues in the run-up to polling day, with little variation on remedies either. Only the Tories, for whom I have never voted, told the truth about how we cannot continue to receive freebies of universal services without stumping up a bit more ourselves and I congratulate Conservative John Lamont, with whom I once shared a local authority election contest, for his hard work and deserved success in the Borders.

I was always prepared to pay for good services like many others, but if we don’t get the chance to do this, then look out for the country’s economic future. Just wait until Alex begins to run his dictatorship which forces public authorities to increase charges considerably more than a wee bit more tax would cost us to offset the efficiencies of cuts in staffing and other resources.

Outsourcing our public services to the private (and occasionally the voluntary) sectors will not work either, given that exercises involved in achieving such ends are expensive and bureaucratic.

It will be interesting to see how long the bribery of the electorate (and the public sector) by council tax freezing and offloading of services alone will continue, and how long the SNP’s republican edge will be kept under wraps.

Val Robson


Argyll and Bute