Westminster sovereignty

On January 11, 314 members of the Westminster parliament voted against including in the proposed EU bill a one-line pledge that “the sovereignty of the United Kingdom parliament in relation to EU law is hereby reaffirmed”.

To both the shame of the MPs and ourselves, only 39 MPs voted that our parliament does and must maintain the higher authority, while 314 voted that this condition should not be reaffirmed on our behalf.

This outrage occurs while our Foreign Secretary William Hague outlines that the disillusionment of British voters with politicians has many causes, yet fails to mention that a key cause of concern relates to the political establishment refusing to provide the British voter with an in/out vote on the EU which sucks in £48million from the British taxpayer each day and after 16 years still cannot have its accounts verified by an independent auditor. Someone appears to be playing a fiddle while Britain burns.

It would be nice if the politicians representing the voters from the Borders (Michael Moore, David Mundell and Russell Brown) would explain in open letters why it is that they have not, as our representatives in the Houses of Parliament, sought to “affirm” the sovereignty of our British parliament.

Steven McKeane

(UKIP, South of Scotland)

Ellwyn Terrace