West Linton drink-driver was almost three times limit, court told

West Linton's Co-op store.
West Linton's Co-op store.

A West Linton woman has been banned from the road for 15 months at Selkirk Sheriff Court for driving while almost three times the legal alcohol limit.

Karel McCoy, 46, pleaded guilty to that offence, committed near the Co-op store in her home village on December 28.

She gave a breath-alcohol reading of 57 microgrammes, the legal limit being 22.

Procurator fiscal Graham Fraser said the mother of two entered the Co-op smelling of alcohol and bought a bottle of booze before driving off, and the police were then alerted.

He continued: “Police went round to her home address, but she was not there.

However, they had a look round the village and eventually came across her and she had two boys on board.

“She got out of the vehicle and went up to the police car, and they could smell the alcohol off her,” said Mr Fraser.

Defence lawyer Sophie Russell explained that her client had a lot of alcohol to drink the previous night and into the early hours and then had slept into the afternoon.

She said that when she rose about 3.30pm, she had a bottle of cider, but had had nothing to eat that day.

Ms Russell said: “She was stopped by the police at about 9.25pm. She had received a telephone call from her son. Both her sons had been dropped by a bus stop three miles away and needed picked up.

“It was night-time, but she should have told them to walk or get a taxi the rest of the way.

“She did not think she would be over the limit.

“This will have a significant impact on her husband as she is the main driver in the family and the nearest bus stop is three miles away.

“He depends on her to drive to the doctor’s and to pick up prescriptions.”

McCoy was also fined £250.