Weeding out wind farm developers

Thank you for your thoughtful and pertinent comments on wind farms (Calling time on the march of wind farms, Southern, December 15).

I believe that a moratorium on these developments is essential while the whole rationale for them is reassessed in the light of their performance to date.

While few would argue over the need for a sustainable energy policy, there are a number of serious issues relating to wind turbines that must be addressed. Not least of these is the democratic deficit – as expressed by John Lamont MSP – that arises whenever such proposed developments are opposed by local planners and communities, but permitted by the Scottish Government.

Even the term wind farms reflects Orwellian newspeak as, in reality, we are discussing industrial power stations which can blight our beautiful countryside if they are not located sensitively.

The Westminster Coalition Government has recently halved the feed-in tariff paid to those who install photo-voltaic panels – perhaps now would be a good time to do the same with wind turbines. It would certainly help weed out those developers who see their schemes simply as a licence to print money.

Simon Mountford

(SBC candidate for the Conservative party, Kelso and District)

Primsidemill Farmhouse