Wedding plans wrecked by Ukraine smash

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The Borders holiday cottage business owner stuck in the Ukraine after a serious car smash, says his wedding plans were ruined as a result.

Nicholas Weeks, who lives in the Ettrick Valley, has now been in the Ukraine with his wife, Natasha, and baby daughter, Mary, for a month after their BMW was involved in a motorway collision.

Mr Weeks blames poor service from the charity Motability and breakdown specialists RAC France, for his predicament being worse than necessary.

There were problems with his car in Russia in March and then again in Hungary in May and now, racked with pneumonia, he and his family are languishing in the city of Dnepropetrovsk until after the motorway accident trial in which he is a witness.

The couple had planned a large family wedding in Mrs Weeks’ native Ukraine, but this had to be scrapped.

“We cancelled the wedding and honeymoon plans because of the problems, and instead we were married in the local registry office. We are now having to spend our time and money on hospital treatment when we can afford transport to get there,” Mr Weeks said in a phone call this week.

“And because there was no help at the beginning with transport costs, I ran up about £2,000 in taxi fares attending the police station in another city as there was no alternative transport.”