We just want to get on with neighbours

With regard to the letter in last week’s edition entitled “Sound facts about noise nuisance in Walkerburn”, although we would like to put an end to all this, the club committee feels that some things need to be addressed.

Yes, environmental health are involved and did indeed visit the flat above, and the music was deemed to be excessive – 30 decibels above what is acceptable, not 60 as stated. But officers did not, nor has any other persons, witnessed any late-night drinking or noise going on until 1.50 am. Environmental health are only stopping our entertainment with the perseverance of the complainers.

On two separate nights the police were called to the club regarding late-night drinking and on both occasions the officers arrived within 10 minutes to find the club locked up and in darkness. On one other occasion officers were called to the premises regarding loud noise and again they found this was not the case.

The club has installed soundproofing, but as the building is over 100 years old it did not work the way we had hoped for.

All our other neighbours have never complained about noise levels – they accepted that living near licensed premises meant there would be some amount of noise at some time.

The purchasers of the property were made aware at the time of the sale that no building warrant was secured, and with one of them being on the committee at that time they would have been well aware that this was the case, and that entertainment in the club plays a vital part for the community of Walkerburn.

We are a small club that endeavours to serve our small community to its best ability, young and old alike. Our wish is to get on with our neighbours above in the same positive and harmonious way that we do with all our surrounding neighbours, who don’t mind us having entertainment on occasions to help keep us in business and the club opened.

Alas, this does not seem to be the case.

The committee of

Henry Ballantyne Memorial Institute