We all have a duty to step on the brakes

TRANSPORT is a hotly debated topic in the Borders, as highlighted by our stories on page 5 this week.

However, a current concern for many people must be the ongoing danger at the junction for the Borders General Hospital – one of the region’s worst accident blackspots.

Scottish Borders Council leader David Parker has lodged a motion calling for a thorough investigation into the creation of a roundabout or sliproad, to ensure a permanent and properly thought through engineered solution to the problem.

In the 10 years up to 2011 there were 18 accidents involving injuries at the junction, and that’s not counting the two since changes were recently made there. There have also be numerous damage-only accidents. It’s shocking.

But while an engineering solution must be found, isn’t it in all our power to ensure we and other drivers are safe on our roads, by watching our speed and using due care and attention?

It’s not as if the BGH junction is not well signposted or known to local drivers. But how many accidents have to occur before we take heed of the warnings?