Waverley Line wager

I see from last week’s Southern that despite there being no final costings and our First Minister freezing dustmen’s wages to pay for my bus pass, we are going to get our railway delivered by 2014 with or without a red sandstone facade.

You must excuse me if I sound a note of caution, especially on the vexed question of who pays if it all goes belly up, but I can perhaps do my bit for charity by offering £100 at evens, stakes to be held by TheSouthern and my winnings to charity, to a railway protagonist who believes that the first paying passenger will have travelled from Galashiels to Edinburgh by midnight on December 31, 2014.

I am thinking of offering a similar wager in terms of the Edinburgh trams if I can find anybody prepared to take it on.

I trust that the railway fraternity will be able to produce a doughty champion to enter the lists and I await the outcome with interest.

Robin Cross

Netherby House