Wastefulness of Scots is 
real shocker

Food waste – it’s been a recipe for much heated debate within the council and among our communities during the last couple of weeks as the local authority plans to cut garden waste collections to free up finances for a new recycling service.

But this week, stark figures from the Scottish Government highlights just how wasteful we are, with Scots binning a fifth of all food we buy every year.

That equates to 630,000 tonnes of food and drink being thrown on landfill, meaning we may as well be burning the £1billion – £470 per household – that it is costing us every year.

And the wast that ends up on our landfill sites is doing the environment no favours, with avoidable food waste producing the equivalent of 1.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

Other shocking facts revealed in Zero Waste Scotland stats were that every year we throw away £93million in dairy waste – enough for everyone in Scotland to have milk on their cereal for the next six months!

And the amount of fresh fruit and veg we discard is worth £170million annually.

That sort of wastefulness is particularly shocking when we think of the number of families living in poverty and relying on food banks each week to feed their children.

We hope our readers are shocked by these figures and resolve to do more at home to cut down on waste – to save our planet and our pockets, perhaps giving some of the saved cash to charities that help the poor in our communities.