Warning to would-be metal detectorists

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Donald Gordon, secretary of the Trimontium Trust, has issued a warning to would-be metal detectorists in the Borders.

He told The Southern: “Metal detecting may be a popular ‘sport’, but it is illegal if conducted on a scheduled site, such as Trimontium.

“There have been prosecutions in the past, and recently two incidents have been reported to police.

“Historic Scotland’s advice for anyone seeing such activity is to phone 999. Noting a number plate or taking a photo would be a bonus, but the appearance of the police at the incident is top of the list.

“Such metal detecting without the permission of Scottish ministers is an offence under Section 42 of the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1975. You don’t have to be found digging a hole to be breaking the law.

“The little things you might find, and where, might be of interest to archaeologists, but would certainly not be