Warning to drivers

I have just had an unfortunate and costly experience as a result of an item falling from a vehicle into the road, and would make a plea for all road-users to please secure all items they are carrying.

We were driving along the A68 (while holidaying in this lovely region) when I saw a screwdriver bouncing across the carriageway towards my side of the road. I could not take much avoiding action and awaited the burst tyre as I felt the thud from running it over.

Unfortunately, rather than a simple puncture, the screwdriver had flicked up and embedded itself in my vehicle’s fuel tank.

Of course, I have no idea who is responsible for the item falling into the road. I am now awaiting a quote for replacement of the fuel tank and hire car to get me home for work while the repair is carried out.

This was something that should not have happened. I can only be thankful that my car runs on diesel, so the fire risk was minimal and no-one was hurt.

J. Stubbs