VOMO to support young film writers

Voice Of My Own (VOMO) is launching a scheme for scriptwriters in the Borders, writes Dylan Howel.

The group is appealing for young people who have an interest in film to take up the chance to develop ideas from home, with support and advice from VOMO.

Initially, scriptwriters will develop ideas and storylines through email and then come together to take projects forward.

VOMO project manager Robert Sproul-Cran said: “This is a project which young people can embark on, with VOMO providing direction and feedback.

“It’s a rewarding writing experience in its own right, but later we’ll bring together teams to work jointly on developing the ideas they’re most enthusiastic about.

“There will be opportunities for the youngsters to film their stories, and even to apply for production funding for more ambitious projects.”

Mr Sproul-Cran added: “We have to network to overcome the challenges of distance throughout the Borders. Alan Sharpe – the writer from Greenock who wrote the film Rob Roy – works for Hollywood, but lives in New Zealand. We can get ideas bouncing back and forth with the same efficiency.”

No experience is necessary and the young people can work on their own or in a group. For more information contact VOMO at artservice@scotborders.gov.uk or call 01750 724901.