Volunteers wanted for tree duties

BORDERERS are being asked to volunteer to help create native woodland in the region.

Conservation charity Woodland Trust Scotland has created a package of tree-planting assistance for community groups, farmers and other landowners which includes tree planting guidance and advice on how to access grants through the Scottish Rural Development Programme. The trust’s Andrew Campbell said: “We’ve had a really encouraging response from people who are keen to plant more trees on their land for all sorts of reasons.

“We’re now hoping to enlist the support of volunteers who could actively engage with community groups through providing advice and encouragement on tree planting supporting the work of our woodland creation advisers.”

Volunteer tasks may include following up emails or telephone calls from would-be tree planters; visiting proposed sites; providing tree planting advice and monitoring the success of planting.

A one day induction will take place in April. For more information contact Rowena Grew on 0845 293 5872 or email rowenagrew@woodlandtrust.org.uk