Volunteering makes a difference at Ashkirk’s ‘Stable Life’

The Eildon Housing Association staff worked  with good cheer, humour and  determination.
The Eildon Housing Association staff worked with good cheer, humour and determination.

Five Eildon Housing Association staff reported to local charity ‘Stable Life’ to give a half day’s voluntary work as part of its ‘Makes a Difference’ programme.

Based in Ashkirk, ‘Stable Life’, provides a safe, nurturing and learning experience using the horse and its environment to help young people reach their full potential.

It supports vulnerable people, aged between 10-18 years who may be experiencing social, emotionalor behavioural issues.

On arrival, the Eildon staff were handed pots of paint and brushes and given their mission – to white-wash a wall in one of the stables and were given until 3 pm to complete their task. This was completed within the first half hour!

They were then given another mission to paint stalls 2 and 4 in the stable, and they ran out of paint before lunch time and had to get more supplies. Not only did they paint stalls 2 and 4, but 1 and3 as well.

Eildon chief executive Nile Istephan said: “Eildon staff have a great track record in raising money for good causes through a range of activities and this year we have decided to trial a new initiative ‘Eildon Makes a Difference’ which is a voluntary scheme enabling staff to spend a normal half day at work each year volunteering rather than undertaking their normal activities.”

Nicola Glendinning, operations manager at Stable Life commented: “The ‘Eildon A team’ worked so hard all day with good cheer, humour and determination and despite a very dreich, damp and dismal day their efforts brightened up our shed and this hands-on support is very much appreciated by us all at Stable Life.”

Irene Wielbo, one of the volunteers, commented: “We felt that we achieved a lot in the time given and “Stable Life” said that they were thrilled that the whole shed had been given a makeover!

“Speaking on behalf of the group, we all really enjoyed the experience and were glad to be of help to such a deserving charity.”