Volunteering appeal

Whether it was Big Society or riot clean-ups, there was undoubtedly a spotlight on volunteering during 2011 and, as we enter 2012 with the continued challenge of a difficult economic climate, the need for vital local support and resources continues.

Volunteering in 2012 is not about committing huge amounts of time; it’s about finding the opportunities that suit and inspire you and make a difference to your local area in the process.

Our charity runs the national volunteering database, Do-it.org, where there are around a million opportunities to volunteer with charities across the UK. Our volunteers tell us that as well as learning new skills, they get a huge sense of achievement from the experience.

A little time can make a big difference. I would implore your readers to log on to Do-it and volunteer ... it’s the best New Year’s resolution you could make.

Martyn Lewis

(chairman and founder of Youth Net)