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Trevor Gallon


Leader of Ancrum Youth Club

Organisation & Town of Volunteering


description of volunteering role and responsibility?

I have the wonderful role of being the leader the Ancrum Youth group, with responsibilities for the administration and legal requirements, fundraising and organising a range of different opportunities and interests for the young people to experience. We do things in groups mainly, learning and enjoying working together. Some of the activities over the last few months are: cooking nights, Scalextrics, talent contests, to name a few.

How long have you been volunteering?

Here, more than four years, but I’ve been in youth work more than 40 years,

Do you volunteer anywhere else, if so where?

Men’s shed, Jedburgh, and Bikes for Africa.

Why do you volunteer and what are the benefits for you?

Because I like to see young people putting themselves forward, being excited by things and learning new things – it is a great uplifter of my spirits. I feel that volunteering is helping to promote a better education and increase the personal wellbeing of the next generation. I feel that I can inspire and be a role model to the young people.

What difference has your volunteering made?

I changed the club to weekly instead of being fortnightly in response to the needs of the young people.

What hopes do you have for the organisation you volunteer for?

That the members continue enjoying coming to the club and that they are empowered to suggest activities and events to the group to broaden the minds of the other members, and that the group grows from strength to strength.

What would you say to inspire other people to start volunteering?

Don’t judge, give it a go, you might just like it. You will be surprised about what you can contribute, and what you might get from it yourself. Everyone has something to offer, so offer!

z Trevor will be a baton bearer for the Commonwealth Games.