Vital to plan your moves

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With Christmas and the New Year celebrations becoming something of a distant memory and, despite the gales, spring emerging early from winter, many people will be contemplating improvements to their home. Some will looking at the possibility of moving.

Flitting or improving can be one of the most stressful domestic events that people will encounter.

But with proper planning and with the invaluable assistance of experts the path to a new home or to alterations can be made much easier.

Home improvements can give a house added amenities and, of course, added value. It could be a loft conversion, a conservatory, making it more energy efficient or simply changing the colour scheme with a lick of paint or new wallpaper.

But before you start any form of improvement the key to reducing stress and actually enjoying the change is forward planning.

Make certain you have the relevant planning permission if it is required, look around for qualified and reliable contractors and suppliers and give yourself plenty of time. Don’t rush into making arrangements. Sit down and take time to talk them through with family members and of course your chosen workforce. If you take all the right steps your desired changes will hopefully be achieved with ease and peace of mind.

Forward planning is also essential if you are on the move. Once you have secured your chosen property, you have the task of packing up your current home – and that can take time. Valuables must be securely packed; arrangements made for transport – and of course this is an ideal time to have a good clear out. There’s no point in shifting a couple of decades of long-forgotten items from one attic to another.

Plan your move well in advance and experts say it is less stressful to make the move during midweek than at weekends. And remember, you’ll have to take meter readings and ensure that utility companies know you are on the move

As with improving, the key to moving is forward planning.