Victims of cost cutting plan?

My wife and I would like to express our disgust at Scottish Borders Council’s shambolic efforts during the closure of Reiver Industries Centre at Tweedbank and a lessening of provision for disabled people in the Borders.

Saving money sounds a good idea, but when it results in vulnerable people’s lives being upset, it is disgusting. We have been to a number of meetings during the last two years, none of which has produced anything worthwhile.

The closure of Reiver Industries is not in the best interest of the service users and many of them have little in place for their future employment.

The council promised there would be a new service in place by March 2014. Where is it? Both users and carers were highly satisfied with the provision at Reiver Industries, but this has been ignored. Why?

Our son has worked at Reiver Industries for a number of years and has enjoyed his work, friendships and company.

This will end in less than two weeks’ time and we have no alternative provision for him. Surely this cannot be right.

Constant social services staff changes have not helped and there seems to be less of them. People on holiday, off sick and leaving are not replaced, leading to no cover or support for the most vulnerable people in society.

One cannot help but wonder if this is just another cost-cutting plan.

Mr and Mrs Shelton

Oxnam Row Farm Cottages