Veterans of KOSB right to feel proud

Gallipoli, Somme, Ypres, Loos, Dunkirk, Caen, Flushing, Arnhem, Imphal, Irrawaddy, Korea, Malaya, Borneo, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The list of conflicts in which the King’s Own Scottish Borderers have shed their blood and lives during the last 99 years alone reads like a history of modern Britain at war.

But today, more than 300 years of that proud history and tradition will finally come to an emotional formal end when the regimental colours are marched off parade for the last time at this year’s Minden Day event in Berwick.

Although the KOSB was merged with the Royal Scots seven years ago, today’s parade in front of the Princess Royal is the first appropriate opportunity for the old colours to be laid up. And there will be a fair bit of wavering of stiff upper lips among the 750 ‘jocks’ expected to march by the royal visitor.

Since first raised in 1689, the regiment has been at the sharp end of this nation’s military endeavours.

More than three centuries of history and tradition – but more than that. Three centuries of courage and personal, often ultimate, sacrifice.

So when those sporting the famous ‘dog and bonnet’ crests on their glengarries march off for the last time to the skirl o’ the pipes later today, we hope they know they have the respect and gratitude of Borderers everywhere.