VAMM to bewitch Eastgate crowd

Vamm perform at the Hawick Reivers Festival
Vamm perform at the Hawick Reivers Festival

VAMM return to the Borders this weekend as part of a UK tour to back the launch of their new album.

Combining the talents of string players – Shetlander Patsy Reid, Catriona Macdonald from Perth and Norwegian Marit Fält – the trio have recorded their debut self-titled collection.

Patsy is the former fiddle player with the loud and brilliant Breabach, Catriona spent 12 years as one of the world-renowned Blazin’ Fiddles and Marit also performs in a duo with the BBC Radio Scotland Young Trad Musician of the Year, Rona Wilkie.

A spokesman for VAMM, which comes from an old Shetlandic word meaning to bewitch or entrance, said: “The tunes that VAMM have recorded were chosen for their melodic beauty and harmonic and rhythmic potential.

“They’re tunes that, while rooted in the Scottish and Scandinavian traditions of the band’s respective backgrounds, have been set free to soar and surprise in gorgeous and driving arrangements that dart between old and new, classical and traditional, restful and rousing.”

Their joint CV also includes several critically-acclaimed Celtic Connections New Voices commissions and one of their first gigs as a line-up was to headline the Hawick Reivers Festival in March.

“In concert and in the studio, Patsy, Catriona and Marit challenge each other to play to the edge of their talents, exploring texture, tone and harmony with a unique combination of fiddles and Låtmandola (a Nordic mandola),” added the spokesman.

VAMM play the Eastgate Theatre tomorrow night, tickets priced at £13 or £5 for under-16s.

Phone 01721 725777 for more details on the gig.