Valleys studies results expected

Work is under way on projects to benefit the Ettrick and Yarrow Valleys.

Results of feasibility studies into several schemes to boost business are expected by the end of September, with a detailed report on the way forward due in December.

Ettrick and Yarrow development project officer Julie Nock said contractors Babyhydro found one feasible scheme to generate 14-21Kw of hydro electric power in the upper Ettrick and that the Ettrick and Yarrow Community Development Company (EYCDC) needed to decide if it wanted to take that forward.

Consultants Scotland Tourism Solutions are producing tourism packages, interpretation and literature to increase visitors to the area and hope to work closely with the valleys tourism group.

And Julie said work on walking and off-road cycling routes at St Mary’s, Bowhill and Minchmoor to Yarrowford is expected to be completed by mid-September and consultants TP&E planned to attend EYCDC’s meeting this month.