Val finds her va va voom

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Retired complimentary therapist Val Petrie changed her life with her local Slimming World group, and is about to start her own group in Jedburgh.

Val had always been one of these lucky people who didn’t have to watch what they ate, but things changed when she got to menopause and she developed a sweet tooth.

Although she put on a few pounds she had an active job, so with a bit of effort managed to remain reasonably slim.

She said: “In October 2006, me and my retired husband moved to Spain, and that’s when the weight started to pile on.

“Finding it too hot in Spain in the summer months, we moved to France, and the indulgences increased.

“Tempting shops and markets selling fresh bread cheese, gateaux and patisseries, the lovely wine and the relaxed way of life was enjoyed to the full.”

Sadly, Val was getting a lot ‘fuller’ too.

The couple moved back to Scotland in 2011. Although Val tried to lose weight it wasn’t until she had a health scare in 2015 that she decided to join Slimming World, where she found to her surprise those luxuries were permissible and she could still enjoy a glass of wine (or two).

She said: “Food optimising with Slimming World fits the bill, with gorgeous ‘free’ foods that can be eaten so you are never hungry, any time, day or night.

“Also there is an online service where you can read about other members’ experiences and search for amazing recipes such as chocolate pavlova, of which I am a little partial, but what is so striking is that I was immediately made to feel welcome by all the members who are keen to share their recipes and tips in our group meetings under the guidance of consultant Becky Scott. I can genuinely say that these members are now my friends and we all give each other help and support.”

Val is now two stones lighter and feeling fitter.

She said: “The icing on the metaphoric cake is that the last blood pressure reading and cholesterol tests were normal.

“I feel at least 20 years younger and my grandchildren love having an energetic granny who can play tennis, ride a bike, go karting and generally have a happy healthy time with them.

“I love being a role model for my daughters, believing passionately that we must educate our children and grandchildren to eat healthily”.

Val will be the new consultant for Jedburgh as of Thursday, June 23 at 7.30pm, at the Royal British Legion, 57 High Street.