Update – Galashiels poo spillage

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A tractor and trailer caused a bit of a stink in the centre of Galashiels on Sunday afternoon – after a tyre blowout resulted in tons of excrement covering the road for a quarter of a mile.

Drivers and pedestrians were shocked to hear the sound of a large explosion just before 4pm as the tyre at the back of the trailer blew while the tractor was at the Asda roundabout.

The jolt caused the trailer’s back door to become unsealed, and its foul-smelling load poured onto the road from the bottom of the door.

The tractor continued on past Tesco and the Gala Water Retail Park, stopping opposite the bottom of Greenbank Street, with the excrement dropping into a huge pile where it stopped and the trailer sitting at an angle due to the blown tyre.

Any car travelling in its wake picked up the waste on its tyres and wheel arches, spreading the load even further – with many drivers heading straight to the town’s several carwash stations.

The council was quickly on site, with the worst of the spillage being picked up by one of its sweeper trucks and taken to landfill, meaning that any danger to the public from the spillage was minimal.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Environment Protection Agency said: “Our officers were alerted to an incident on Sunday in which animal manure was accidently discharged onto the George Craig Bridge in Galashiels.

“On review of the situation, we are satisfied that there is likely to be limited, if any, environmental impact from the incident, given that the waste was contained on the road surfaces and then removed swiftly.

“Any residual impacts on the Gala Water would be minor and short term.”

The Southern understands the smelly load was chicken faeces intended to become fertiliser.

The agency spokesperson added that the transportation of agricultural manure and slurry to be spread over land as fertiliser does not require a waste-carrier’s licence.