Up or down, curls or straight - don’t stress about your tresses

Glamour is back! The world’s most beautiful women recently showed off their coutured styles at the Oscars. But couture isn’t just for Hollywood, whether your hair is short or long, hair can express your style!

The way you wear hair on that special occasion, be it a ball, wedding or ladies’ race day, takes serious consideration! Your style depends mostly on your overall look – is it traditional, vintage or trendy?

What’s hot and what’s not also needs to be considered but avoid over-curly or over-straight styles. If the outfit has a very detailed top, keep your hair off your face. If you are wearing your hair up, try to avoid huge accessories.

If you decide to put your hair up, go for a professional polished look. For example, a well styled chignon is easily created – a chignon is a roll, knot or twist generally worn at the nape of the neck. This classic look was worn by Greeks and Romans, evident in works of arts and sculptures.

Another simple but effective look is side-swept curls. Set or curl your hair pointing up and away from the face. Once the hair has cooled and curls have set, create a deep side parting, sweep the hair around the neck and over the shoulder, criss cross pins or kirby grips to keep the hair in place, then let the curls on the other side fall naturally. This style was been worn at the Oscars recently by actress Natalie Portman.

Updos are always more sophisticated than down and remember the most sensational party styles can fall flat after all the dancing, but the solution is simpl – a mini can of hairspray which can fit into the smallest evening bag and can perk your style up in a jiffy.

You must find the right conditioner for your hair type. You might need a normal conditioner or you might need a richer product if your hair has been over-processed with chemical treatments such as colours. If this is the case, then you might want to use a conditioning treatment, this is a heavier/richer product that is left on longer and penetrates the hair cuticle, leaving it softer and more flexible. If you feel your hair is weighted down then a volumizing conditioner would be recommended. Volumizing conditioners are much lighter than those used for moisturising. If in doubt consult your stylist for guidance.

A conditioning treatment is recommended if your hair has been chemically damaged or over use of heated styling equipment

You cannot repair the hair solely by conditioning the hair; the broken ends must be cut off.

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