Up for a right guid blether?

If you’re under 18 – or under 21 if you have ever been in the care of, or looked after by, a local authority – you are now eligible to vote on the issues that matter to you and that you would like to see improved in the lives of children and young people in Scotland.

The RIGHT blether vote has now opened. It is being organised by Scotland’s Commissioner for Children & Young People, Tam Baillie, and is taking place throughout November, online and at voting centre’s around Scotland.

It’s the chance to tell the commissioner what things in your life – or the lives of other children and young people – need to be made better.

You’ll be given a list of important things in four different areas, chosen by children working with the Children’s Parliament and by young people working on the Scottish Youth Parliament’s manifesto - just pick the ones that matter to you most.

That means you get four votes, one in each of the following areas:

z Where I live

z Where I learn and develop

z My community or neighbourhood

z Scotland

Tam will then use the results to help him decide what things he should be working on over the next four years. So, your vote will really make a difference.

But there are other ways you can get involved too. Why not ask your school or youth club to be a RIGHT blether voting centre? You’ll organise the vote – you’ll be given voting cards – and send the results to voting HQ. All information and resources that will help you place your vote or register to become a voting centre in your area can be found at www.arightblether.co.uk

Make a difference – tell Tam what is important to you.