Undertaker seeks Salvation Army home

Selkirk Salvation Army premises.
Selkirk Salvation Army premises.

SELKIRK Community Council has supported a bid to turn the town’s Salvation Army hall into a funeral parlour.

Local undertakers C. R. Low hopes to create service and viewing rooms, mortuary and reception for the public at the Scott’s Close building.

Despite having no objections, members of the community council did have road safety concerns over a perceived lack of parking, although space for three vehicles will be created.

Director Drummond Low said: “We have no parking at our current parlour in West Port and we believe the new location would be well supported by car parking near the facility. We do not want people to be parking on Chapel Street.

“We cause an obstruction when the hearse and family leave our current funeral parlour.

“It is only for a short time, but we would prefer to cause no obstruction at all.

“It is often said by people attending services at our current location that we should move. If our application is successful, it will be a more private venue.”

If their planning bid is accepted by Scottish Borders Council – a decision is due in September – then C. R. Low will continue to house its vehicles in the garages at its present premises.

C. R. Low, which has been in Selkirk for around 90 years, currently employs six staff and its plans also include catering for religious and non-religious services.