Uncovering the sinister truth which lies behind Cameron & Co’s Olympic Games propaganda tour de force

Now that the tiresome drivel of the Olympics has finally ground to its overblown conclusion, I wonder how long it will be before the truth about the real cost is allowed to emerge.

Far from being “within budget”, the acknowledged final bill thus far is four times the original estimate, and will no doubt increase further. Financially, the event is nothing more than an opportunity for Prime Minister David Cameron and his chums to shovel millions to their mates in big business and the so-called legacy is no more than an oversized leisure centre, which no-one will have any money to maintain.

But there is also a more sinister social control function.

Manipulative leaders throughout history, from Roman emperors to 1930s German Nazis, have well understood the need for grand establishment-sanctioned distractions when times are hard – and the London show fulfilled this role perfectly in these economically-difficult times. With its nasty nationalistic undertones, it was a propaganda tour de force.

Happily, folk up here seem much less easily led than many of their English neighbours. It seemed to me not to figure in conversation at all, and the only place that I visited where the Olympics were being shown on a TV screen the sound was turned off and everyone seemed to be facing the other way.

I hope all those folk down south think it has been worthwhile when the English Tories start closing yet more of their few remaining hospitals to pay for the farce.

Richard West

Inch Park