UK subsidising other nations

Prime Minister David Cameron has denounced the European Commission for demanding an extra £1.7billion contribution from British taxpayers.

Last year the UK’s net contribution to this undemocratic organisation was £8.5billion.

The UK is now being penalised because its economy has performed better than expected, while countries like France and Germany, whose economies have under-performed, will receive multi-million pound rebates. France will receive €1billion and former industrial powerhouse Germany €779million.

Why must British taxpayers subsidise countries which refuse to make the cuts essential to get their finances back on track?

The Brussels behemoth and its gravy train thunders along, immune to austerity and deaf to pleas for reform. Staff are far too numerous, overpaid with gold-plated pensions, led by unaccountable mandarins who send out directives like confetti and who are about as useful.

Stopping further payments to the European Commission would certainly focus their attention.

This unelected, unaccountable, overstaffed organisation has never had its accounts signed off by the auditors.

Cameron must act decisively and freeze any further contributions, especially with UKIP now a force to be reckoned with.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road