Twenty’s plenty

During the past years heavy traffic going through Earlston, both during the day and night, has increased to such an extent that many residents are suffering from stress caused by interrupted sleep and the thought of damage being caused to their homes.

Heavy vibration caused as a direct result of uneven utility covers and a deteriorating road surface is the sole cause. The roadside drainage is at times unable to cope and most times inefficient.

In places the road is so narrow that heavy vehicles are forced to drive so close to the pavement as to cause a backdraft which acts like a vacuum. Add to that vehicles’ large, overhanging wing mirrors, then there is a real danger to pedestrians.

Although, on the whole, most residents do not think the speed of the vehicles is above 30mph, most feel that 30mph is too fast to be travelling through the village.

Last year, while a councillor, I put a request to full council for resurfacing of the High Street and to impose a 20mph speed limit – this was refused. Although no longer a councillor, I call again for this work to be carried out as a matter of urgency and to impose a 20mph limit.

John Paton-Day

Darlingfield Cottage