Tweedsmuir bridge inspection on Monday

A COUNCIL engineer inspection will take place on a crumbling listed bridge at Tweedsmuir on Monday.

Villagers blame logging trucks for damaging the 18th-century stone bridge linking their 50-strong community with the main A701.

Tweedsmuir Bridge Advisory Group (TBAG) says it has seen SBC engineer reports as far back as 2002 saying priority H (high priority) major repairs are needed.

TBAG’s Paul Greaves said: “In subsequent inspections, the repairs are recommended again and again, and in 2009, the bridge engineer adds a note to say the bridge should be repaired in the ‘near future’ due to ‘poor condition and large traffic loads’. The council is ignoring the advice of its bridge engineers, which is very dangerous.

“They are gambling with the bridge and lives of people who use it.”

A council spokesperson said: “Many of our bridges have a priority H rating against them and as such we have to additionally prioritise between the various H ratings, hence some will get addressed sooner than others.”

Villagers face a 43-mile diversion during the repairs, which are expected to take months.