Tweeddale West Three councillors

Willie Archibald

Scottish National Party

Electors possess a valuable right, the right to vote. Everyone has an equal say in how government works. No priorities, no favouritism – all equal, rich or poor, young or old. This right was hard won and marks us as a democracy.

It enables each of us to make our individual contribution to the formation of our elected chambers. You, through your vote and choice of candidates, have a say in how we are governed.

I was first elected in 2007 and it has been a pleasure to represent the people of Tweeddale West.

Although in opposition to the Tory/Liberal coalition running the council we have been effective in our work of holding the council to account on many issues.

This is your chance to sweep away years of Tory/Liberal control of the council with their centralising agenda and bring the SNP to administration with a pledge for reform and local accountability.

Catriona Bhatia

Scottish Liberal Democrats

Having had the privilege to serve the people of Tweeddale for nine years, I am asking that, together with my colleague Nancy Norman, you again give me the opportunity to deliver on new local priorities and represent your views and aspirations.

I have worked to secure over £50million of investment for new and refurbished schools; new affordable and sheltered homes; the new off-road pathway from Peebles to Glentress and Cardrona; and other local improvements.

There is still much to do – the long overdue sports facilities and all-weather pitch for Peebles High School must be delivered; and a clear decision on the route of any new bridge over the Tweed, which must avoid Whitestone Park and the allotments, needs to be made. We must also keep up the pressure on Midlothian Council to upgrade Leadburn junction.

To help achieve this please give us your first two preferences on the ballot paper.

Nathaniel Buckingham

Scottish Conservative and Unionist

I grew up in Peebles and live there with my wife and two young children. As a new candidate, I have the energy and enthusiasm to represent this large ward. I have enjoyed meeting people on the doorstep and listening to the many issues that matter in our communities.

As a civil engineer I have experience of the planning process and believe that decisions affecting local communities should be made at as local a level as possible. I would like to see both planners and a planning committee returned to Tweeddale.

If elected, I will work closely with all other councillors to provide a strong representation for Tweeddale and to ensure our work is done efficiently and effectively. My first priority will always be to the communities of Tweeddale.

I will listen, learn and respond to the needs of our area.

Nancy Norman

Scottish Liberal Democrats

Living and working in Peebles since 1988 as a minister in the town and in the rural parish of Lyne and Manor, I am whole-heartedly committed to the well-being of the people of Tweeddale.

As a councillor from 2003 – 2007, my intention was – and still is – to help keep local government local and responsive to local concerns.

I am passionate for a cleaner environment and less wasteful living, for reliable and faster broadband to help local businesses, and for major road improvements especially the A72 Neidpath corner, Leadburn junction, and the Edinburgh Road / March Street junction in Peebles. A more creative approach to care for older people is also something I intend to pursue, if elected.

Good teamwork and experience are crucial in politics, and I am fortunate to be able to campaign and – hopefully with your support – work alongside my colleague Catriona Bhatia in the new council.

David Pye

Borders Party

Since moving to Peeblesshire 21 years ago, I have been actively involved in many community organisations and have also chaired community councils in both Eddleston and Peebles.

Running a business in Peebles since 2003, I have immediate experience of the problems that many businesses have encountered in the economic downturn.

As an active board member with SBHA for the past four years, I am very aware of the need to provide more good quality affordable housing, both for rent and for purchase.

In Tweeddale West we are all reliant upon a robust road and bridge network to connect the communities. I believe it is critical that more is done to maintain this infrastructure. In Peebles we must also put a firm plan in place for the town’s future development.

I am standing as a candidate for The Borders Party, as it was founded to restore the independent tradition in local government.  

Julia Reid

Scottish Labour Party

We hold the land in trust for future generations but it is essential to respect and support those who live here now. That, I believe entails, and I quote our manifesto.....‘Encourage an economy that takes the Scottish Borders away from being one of the lowest wage economies in the UK.’

We must increase opportunities for employment through supporting local initiatives and encouraging investment. We already have several excellent and eco friendly businesses but we need more.

Ameliorating emotional poverty by ensuring that people are included in our society, be they excluded by distance from sources of support, lack of awareness or confidence, health, geography or financial constraints.

We must insure that no further development ignores the strains on the existing infrastructure.

On any high street, all range of opinions will be encountered and I hope to listen to them all from roads, schools, housing and planning to pipe bands!