Tweeddale East Three councillors

Stuart Bell

Scottish National Party

In local elections many vote for the person rather than the party. I stand on my track record as a community council secretary and campaigner for local improvements. I now offer my skills and commitment across the whole ward.

There are common themes in the concerns across the distinct and self-confident communities which comprise Tweeddale East. This year I have talked with over 700 voters across the ward and know of anxieties about the shortage of jobs, and the lack of affordable housing, about our deteriorating town and village centres and about inconsiderate speeding and parking. You want the efficient provision of affordable services, but many think that the local council does not listen.

I am a new candidate and offer a strong and clear voice to speak up in the council on your behalf. I also offer the leverage of my political grouping to get some action on the issues that concern you.

Graham Garvie

Scottish Liberal Democrats

I have been privileged to be an elected representative for Tweeddale since 2003 and I very much hope that, based on my record of service and achievement, I may be chosen again.

In collaboration with colleagues, we have managed, in very challenging economic times, to secure for the area multi million pound investments in schools, colleges, residential accommodation for older people, waste re-cycling, and sports facilities.

But much remains to be done – including more affordable homes, an earlier start on major road improve-ments to the A72, and continuing capital investment in our school estate.

In an increasingly difficult financial climate, it will crucial for the council to develop further its partnerships with other organisations and local communities.

I would encourage everyone who is eligible to vote at these important elections, to do so. They really do matter.

Gavin Logan

Scottish Conservative and Unionist

The five years I have been a Tweeddale East Councillor has been an interesting and rewarding experience. As a member of the administration I have been involved in issues like the schools projects and the cycleways/ pathways between Peebles and Innerleithen. This gave me an insight into the prioritising of capital projects and the importance of the allocation of scarce funding. This, coupled with being the representative on the Peebles CAB, the Eastgate Theatre and the Tweeddale Safety Panel, has given me a great deal of satisfaction.

As always much more that needs to be done – a new bridge over the Tweed and improvements to our roads. However I find the most rewarding part of being a councillor is dealing with enquiries and concerns of constituents. Often it is just a matter of knowing who to speak to in council and if re-elected, will look forward to another rewarding five years.

Frances Pringle

Borders Party

I was born and brought up in the Borders. I live and run my business here so, like you, I rely on local services every day and the decisions our council makes have a direct effect on my life – both now and in the future.

I deeply believe that local councils should be non-political. Party politics have no place in the local council chamber. Councillors are there to ensure that the right decisions are made to provide good, value-for-money services and that the Borders develops in ways to deliver homes, education, jobs and a good quality of life for everyone.

I will fight for good roads, bus services and telecommunications, excellent schools and opportunities for everyone to work or run businesses here. I will fight for local services where people need them.

The Tweed Valley is so special – a vote for The Borders Party will keep it that way.

Robin Tatler

Labour and Co-operative Party

This local election is about everyday issues that affect us all. In these difficult times I believe we need councillors who will listen and act on jobs, proper wages and affordable housing and who will do everything in their power to protect vital public services from the cuts.

In Peebles, Cardrona, Traquair, Innerleithen, Walkerburn and Clovenfords I will work hard to: bring back local decision-making through an improved area committee and consider the state of the local infrastructure before any further development in Peebles; make sure the proposed mountain bike uplift in Innerleithen continues to be driven by the local community, is supported by the council, and provides local jobs; provide long-term funding for local youth projects and improve access to affordable housing to buy or rent.

Remember, you can’t change anything unless you vote – so please make sure you do.