TV to blame for downward trend

In addition to the easily-accessible pornographic stuff on television, we have soaps which simply broadcast peoples’ often evil shortcomings and invite us to contact them if “we have been affected” by the programme.

One night earlier this month, after Emmerdale’s fornicating couples, we had Thirteen Steps Down on ITV about a psychopath committing murder. Switching hurriedly over to BBC, to find Silent Witness – shocking storyline “which may upset viewers” of exploitation and grooming of young girls and murder – then trying Channel 4 and Ian Brady, the psychopathic torturer of children, objecting to being kept alive by force feeding.

Why do we wonder at society’s downward trend when television is giving us all the tips.

Now we have interactive TV, where government does not need to intercept texts and Twitter. It’s been predicted government will soon be installed in our homes watching for signs of crime. Big brother is watching you.

Samantha Adams

Larchbank Street