Turned off by TV vulgarity and violence

I applaud the letters you printed earlier this month upholding our free press in a democratic Scotland and being against press regulation.

It is everyone’s right to be able to express their views via the press, but, on the other hand, we should all cry out loudly against the degradation of our culture and common values via the media today.

Television pushes the boundaries of decency and stretches the limits of taste to a captive audience, and our children particularly. TV is almost permanently in the “on” position for many hours and all available research suggests the media broadcasts violence and other forms of socially-destructive behaviour that is similar to the brainwashing of the non-stop, pervasive advertising.

The dependence of popular entertainment on vulgarity and violence is today almost inescapable in our homes. Regulate it or turn it “off”.

Ms S. Adams

Larchbank Street