Turbine traffic fears

I and many others are appalled at the latest application for a wind farm on Barrel Law, north-west of Whitslaid Farm.

The thought of 30 HG Vehicles travelling from Martins Bridge up past Roberton to Alemoor reservoir west of Hawick every day for eight hours is simply preposterous.

Add in the Longhope Rig (approved) traffic as well as all of the forestry trucks up Borthwick Water and it will be a nightmare for everyone who has to travel in the area.

The hill road to Roberton is a rather special, quiet and unspoiled road. The seat at the Ogilvie Monument offers a place where one can be at one with nature – it is a place to refresh one’s soul. All of this will be destroyed if this urbanisation is allowed. The movements of the blades and the towering height of the turbines on two wind farms would remove the visual peace.

Our few quiet spots in the hills are slowly disappearing due to the selfishness of anonymous landowners. The money that is offered to local communities is only a form of bribery in exchange for their consent and is simply appalling.

“I to the hills will lift mine eyes,” as the psalmist put it – not to wind farms.

Kathleen W. Stewart