Try to see the bright side of babysitting

I KNOW it can be annoying if you’re asked to babysit a little brother or sister, but instead of seeing it as a chore, I think we should remember there are also good points to it.

I have a little brother, Kade who is two-and-a-half, which means he is always up to no good and going into drawers and cupboards to see what he can find – you need to have eyes in the back of your head. He always wants to play with anything I have, but I enjoy playing with him – if he goes quiet, we know he’s up to something.

Playing with and entertaining babies and young children can help their development because the baby can focus on watching the movements of an older brother or sister playing nearby or with them, and this helps their brain develop. Also, having conversations can help to develop their speech and language.

It’s more fun for the babies and children when an older brother or sister pays them attention and takes time to play with them. And, of course, it helps mums and dads as it gives them more time to do the things they wouldn’t be able to otherwise – even if that is just cleaning the car or making the dinner.

Babies are fun, and we should want to help out more instead of seeing it as a chore or something we have to do.

Kerry-Anne Gray