Try a hybrid Toyota and you’ll never look back

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August should be as easy-going as the ride in Toyota’s growing range of full hybrid models, so this month it’s time to Trybrid and find out exactly what clean vehicle technology has to offer.

Toyota St Boswells is offering test drives in all the latest hybrids, and giving customers’ cars a free wash into the bargain.

Toyota believes those who have never tried hybrid before are in for a pleasant surprise, not least in the quiet, smooth and refined performance that’s a characteristic of its Hybrid Synergy Drive, together with low CO2 emissions that make the majority of the range road tax-exempt, with excellent fuel economy. Low CO2 means low benefit-in-kind tax rates for company car drivers, too.

As full hybrids, these vehicles can be driven for certain distances on their electric power alone, which means near-silent running and zero tailpipe emissions and fuel consumption.

That’s a major benefit in slow-moving urban traffic, where pollution concerns are highest and, typically, fuel can be wasted. Switchable drive modes further enable simple, automatic adjustment of the cars’ performance to favour responsiveness or economy, according to the driver’s preference.

As well as low carbon emissions, Toyota’s hybrids produce almost no NOx and particulate matter – pollutants that have a damaging effect on air quality. The drive system incorporates an automatic stop-start function, and it recovers energy under braking and deceleration, feeding it back as electricity to store in the hybrid battery.

In spite of being technically advanced, Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive has proved robust and reliable. That quality is backed up by a warranty that goes beyond Toyota’s established five years/100,000 miles new car cover to provide eight years peace-of-mind protection for the hybrid battery.

Toyota’s Trybrid promotion will continue throughout August, with further details available at