Trees to be felled at The Haining in Selkirk

The Haining, Selkirk.
The Haining, Selkirk.

Two sections of trees will be felled at The Haining from June 25, as part of an on-going forestry management plan aimed at enhancing the woodland for future generations.

The Sitka spruce trees will be brought down and harvested over a period of two months.

The trees will be felled from a large area at the top of the woodland which has been assessed as vulnerable to wind blow loss, and another smaller area at the bottom of hill which is not used much by the public at present, this area will be replanted with native broadleaves and the beautiful veteran trees will be retained.

The plan will work to achieve a high standard of stewardship and land management for the benefit of present and future generations, to adopt consistent policies for the conservation of the natural assets of the Estate.

“The Haining is a designed landscape, one of the most beautiful in the Borders, and a great asset to the area. The Haining Charitable Trust (HCT) is working with experts to make sure that it is well managed for the enjoyment of future generations, said Lawrence Robertson,” Trustee.

The Haining is a Grade A Listed Palladian Mansion House and estate in Selkirk which was bequeathed in trust by its previous owner, to be utilized for the benefit of the people of Selkirkshire and beyond to develop arts, heritage and culture.

The Haining Charitable Trust, was formed in 2010, and with the assistance of the Scottish Historic Buildings Trust, commenced an ambitious programme to revitalize the estate, emphasizing benefit