Unlikely journey

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Right now, I cannot decide who put up strangest arguments in your recent letter columns.

Firstly there is Ollie Young with his mythical family from Duns who elects to get the bus to Galashiels to catch a train to Edinburgh at a mythical cost of £64 (plus bus fares) when they could get one much more easily in Berwick, but rather than do that he would travel by car!

I have heard many anti-rail statements but I think the proverbial biscuit is due to Mr Young for that.

I am glad I appear to have amused John Scott, but laughing aside I think Mr Scott is in the same league as Mr Young (who also claimed Christine Grahame was unelected.)

Please Mr Scott let’s get this sorted out once and for all. There are 56 list MSPs in the Holyrood Parliament of all political persuasions; Green, Liberal Tory, Labour, independent and of course SNP. Are you seriously suggesting that Ms Grahame alone of all these is there because of her “SNP colleagues”? The list system is open to every party Mr Scott; it is in the rules of the Scottish Parliamentary system.

If you wish to vote against Christine Grahame’s selection as list candidate, please get in touch with me, as membership secretary for the local SNP branch, I will get you signed up in time for the next internal selection process.

Jim Gibson

Bleachfield Road, Selkirk